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Security & Insurance

When buying trees, the protection of your stocks should be in the foreground.

  • Insurance confirmation, Agrodosa, translated into German

  • Insurance confirmation, Agrodosa, translated into Spanish

Our replanting guarantee

Majestic Trees guarantees an unlimited replanting guarantee upon purchase for each mahogany tree. This is valid for the initial period of 12 years.

The costs for seedlings, extension of care and leasing are assumed by Majestic-Trees, S.R.L. in full height.

If the tree has not been insured additionally, this will only result in a loss of time.

Your insurance

The agricultural insurance of the Dominican Republic ‘AGRODOSA’ insures planted areas. In case of damage the new planting is guaranteed within the first three years.


After this period, the complete biomass loss will be replaced.

The insurance premium is 4% per annum of the biomass value of the insured trees, with the Dominican Republic government providing 50% of the insurance premium for project support.

The tree owner thus pays 2% of the insurance sum per year.

The annual insurance premium increases in proportion to the biomass increase of the insured trees.

In the event of damage, AGRODOSA is 35% owned by Munich Re -(Munich Reinsurance) and 50% by Swiss RE -(Swiss Re) reinsured.

The insurance is taken out for 1 year and can be renewed every year.

Trees are only insured if the insurance policy is attached to the tree information with an indication of the term.

The policyholder is the operating company Majestic-Trees SRL, which in case of damage assigns the insurance claims to the respective tree owners in full.


Your international reinsurer

The Swiss Reinsurance Company (or Swiss Re or Swiss Re) headquartered in Zurich is, after Munich Re, the world's second largest reinsurance company. The shares of Swiss Re are traded on the Swiss stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange.

Munich Reinsurance Company Aktiengesellschaft (Munich Re. for short), based in Munich, is a German reinsurance company and one of the world's leading companies in this sector.

The company owns the Ergo Group, which operates primary insurance business.

Monitoring, care and control

The nursing staff of Majestic-Trees lives and works on the farms. Therefore, a constant control and monitoring of trees is ensured.

Every single tree is individually inspected and checked at least once a month. Once a year the trees are trimmed and inspected separately by the forestry expert.


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