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Our vision

Unsere Vision

As the third largest supply market in the world, the timber market is one of the pillars of our current economic system.

The growing deforestation of natural tree populations, especially in the rainforests of Latin America, will result in a serious supply shortage for tropical precious woods in the near future. In addition, from the year 2020 onward, only precious wood trees will be usable, which can provide proof that they were obtained from cultivation with a licensed whipping license.

Our task is to create and maintain spaces for nature.

The sustainable development of a precious wood forest that grows in a rainforest-like environment protected and monitored, is both ecologically valuable, as well as very profitable. The tropical rainforest will be sustainably protected against deforestation and destruction, only if we can provide the necessary resources to the world market.

Majestic-Trees thinks loud, ...

People will only assume personal responsibility for nature if they are directly involved in it and also participate through their involvement for example, by the acquisition and care of mahogany trees of the species ‘Swietenia Macrophylla’.



Through your commitment, the structure of the forest becomes both attractive and profitable, both ecologically and economically.

As a reminder of what is really important in life!


A Greek proverb says:

"Our society grows when old men plant trees - knowing that they will never sit in their shadows.’

I find that very moving, because it is not just about reaping the fruits, but also about the next generations.

We have been given this great planet as a gift, thus we are responsible for its protection and conservation.


It is in our hands to leave a healthy environment for our children, their children and their children.

Maybe we must take a step back to think of the simple things in life ....

It's time to plant trees we might never sit in the shade of.

If we do not do it, who will?
And if we do not do it now, when?"


                                                   - Barbara Streisand –

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