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Baumeigentümer werden

Become a tree owner

Planting trees makes a concrete contribution to environmental protection.

At the same time, your commitment supports the establishment of a sustainable timber industry and the creation of jobs along the entire value chain.

Qualified specialists from Majestic-Trees look after your local tree stocks, which have a positive effect on the value and earning power of your plantations.

Now choose your variant and off you go ...

Bäume handeln

Tree Property

Buy today and reap the FUTURE in 12-15 years.

Ihre Sicherheit

Your safety is important to us

Replanting warranty
If a tree is lost, Majestic-Trees guarantees immediate replanting.

Tree Property deed
After purchasing your trees, you will immediately have access to your personal tree portfolio, which you can check online at any time.

GPS technology
Thanks to our GPS technology and the individual numbering of each tree, your stock is clearly assignable from day one and therefore unmistakable.

This will always be visible to you via Google Earth.

You can have your tree stock insured at any time.

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