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Baum Lebende Bäume handeln

Trade living trees - WORLDWIDE


From seedling to full-grown tree, the value of biomass grows

Here we go ...

First step ...

Log in to  and find out about the current wood price for mahogany

The first 6 offers on the home page are your guide.


Further information under "ALL OFFERS" - Please note the green question marks

( ? )

Second step ...

If you are satisfied with an offer, you can purchase it by IMMEDIATE PURCHASE.

You can also bid on living trees as an AUCTIONARY.

Third step ...

After completing the necessary formalities with agreement and contract, you will receive an e-mail from Tree Trading World with your purchase confirmation.

Fourth step ...


Automatic transfer of the tree into your portfolio after crediting the transaction fee and confirming the seller's receipt of the payment. 


Fifth step ...


Personal management of your tree portfolio.


You decide when, in what quantity and at what price your tree portfolio is traded.

Baum Weitere Angebote
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