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Timber Market


Strong trees at the market

In the last 10 years the wood world consumption has more than quadrupled...

The world mahogany consumption almost doubled ...

... and wood prices tripled

The Dominican Republic is currently the world's third largest importer of mahogany after the US and China.


With a consumption of approximately 50,000 cubic meters per year, the Dominican Republic spends US $ 65,000,000.00 a year on mahogany.


Agricultural wood potentials are being further developed and redeveloped with great intensity.


Nevertheless, the Dominican Republic can only cover 20% - 30% of its own needs. 70% must be imported.

Wood is one of the most valuable raw materials ever.

Multifunctional as this raw material is, it serves as a construction and material, as an energy source, as well as an ecosystem and climate regulator.

As a result of the deforestation of the tropical rainforest, agricultural starved and cleared open areas must be reforested to saturate world timber consumption (see statistics: red-human / brown-wood).

The demand for wood is growing parallel to the world population and will therefore increase drastically in the long term.

Unlike many other raw materials, wood is renewable.

This already makes it one of the most important natural

resources in the world, both in economic

and environmental terms.

Investment form wood

Majestic-Trees offers you:

• To become a tree owner
• To re-create growth
• To be future-oriented
• To take advantage of your benefits

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