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Fancy cooperation?

Sales Partner

Environmentally conscious and success-oriented?

Then that could be your focus:

                                                   Renewable resource wood

The industrial use of renewable resources is already having conquered the new markets.

New technologies play an important role in the progressive use of biomass.

The value chain of the renewable raw material wood begins with specific cultivation systems as well as with energetic and material utilization.

The aim is the marketing of products and services.

Majestic-Trees is looking for qualified sales and marketing experts, as well as scientific and commercial trained professionals.


The fields of activity of the experts

lie mainly in the areas:

1) Marketing

2) Sales

3) Advice

4) Service

The mixture of economy and the right to active climate protection are for Majestic Trees of the utmost importance.

With the high level of innovation and the internationalization of the industry, attractive and promising fields of work are opening up for interested business partners in the areas of sales and marketing.

For more information on sales and business partnership, self-employed and / or freelance, we are at your disposal under the following contact options.

Majestic-Trees, S.R.L.


Contact                                        Marcel Bahr


Telephone                                   (+1) 809-543-2155


We look forward to a successful cooperation with you.

With Majestic-Trees in the fast lane, ...

... save the planet, plant trees!

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