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Planting and care

The Majestic-Trees farm and forest management is managed by qualified specialists, forest engineers, the Dominican Environment Ministry and the State Forest Inspectorate.

The prerequisite for the ecological cultivation of lumber is the selection of optimal farm locations. This is done through a selection process, which is subject to a clearly defined list of criteria. It assesses the site in terms of soil conditions, terrain topography and natural infrastructure, such as farm accessibility, and must be approved or licensed by the Dominican Forestry Department.

The location of our 5 farms

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Anpflanzung und Pflege

The preparation of compacted and quilted soil generally takes place without the use of slash-and-burn or pesticides.

With a suitable device, the low wood is removed and the soil is perfectly prepared - for the new mahogany seedling the most important requirement for optimal growth.

In the process, identified soil deficiencies are remedied by organic fertilizer before it is replanted.

For planting, holes 30cm deep are drilled into the soil and prepared with biologically valuable fertilizer and growth media.

Swietenia Macrophylla (American mahogany)

The planting of high quality mahogany plant seedlings will be adapted to the natural habitat (under the constant control of the Dominican Forestry Authority).

At the same time, care is taken to maintain appropriate distances and to create a balanced mix of mixed wood.

The American mahogany is one of the very few tropical precious timbers, which is ideal as light tree species for open-field reforestation.

In order to reduce soil erosion, the American mahogany is also planted in conjunction with other timber and fruit trees as a ground-fixing tree (planting).

The areas at the foot of all trees must be kept clear of grass, weeds and undergrowth continuously. Of course, this is done without the aid of pesticides. 


The regular pruning of young trees is essential to further your growth and to prevent knots and bumps.

Due to the high precipitation density and a healthy mixed wood planting, the trees are largely spared by pest infestation, so that you can do without chemical additives here as well.

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