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We offer you security


Your insurance

When buying trees, the protection of your stocks should be in the foreground.
In co-operation with our partner AGRODOSA we can promise you this insurance protection binding.

Your contact person


Even after the purchase of your trees, we remain your contact for smooth processing via our affiliated sales partners.

This creates additional added value.

Ministry of the Environment of the Dominican Republic

„Quisqueya Verde“

Majestic-Trees receives substantial support from the Ministry of the Environment and the national large-scale project ‘Quisqueya Verde,’ a Dominican Republic's reforestation program that was awarded a Sustainable Program for Reducing Greenhouse Gases in 1987 (Kyoto Protocol).

To date, the Dominican Republic has a reforestation rate of 8% p.a. at the top of all Caribbean states.

Partners & Projects

Climate Institute


The CLIMATE INSTITUTE supports the afforestation project of Majestic-Trees and helps facilitate dialogue with international government representatives, non-profit partners and investors.

Infinite Solution


INFINITE SOLUTIONS generates CO² emission certificates based on the forest stands of Majestic Trees.

Your team on site

Our technical staff


Our professionally trained specialist staff takes care of the species-appropriate planting and care of your mahogany trees.


Muscle power instead of chemistry!

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