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Majestic Trees

Majestic-Trees is the community of eco-conscious people who founded an operating company under this name more than 10 years ago. It is based in the Dominican Republic, as its product originates in this country and can be further processed.

The core of their self-imposed task is the planting and rearing of high-quality precious wood trees as well as the protection of endangered tree species under tropical forest-like conditions. In collaboration with the Dominican Environment Ministry and the State Forest Inspectorate, Majestic-Trees manages five precious wood farms.

It has more than 100,000 Swietenia Macrophylla mahogany trees of various ages and is currently planting 20,000 new mahogany trees per season. The American mahogany is one of the most profitable precious woods worldwide but has already been classified by the IUCN as an ‘endangered species’.

In short, the company Majestic-Trees, S.R.L., has made it its business for more than 10 years:

* Protect existing natural resources

* Preserve existing forest resources

* Reforest open spaces

* To support socially ecological projects.

* To maximize the profit of its customers

The future of our planet depends on the INDIVIDUAL. If each of us owns a piece of NATURE and personally stands up for it,

our task is fulfilled.

We are very pleased that you are interested in an ecologically valuable and at the same time lucrative idea.

Your Majestic-Trees Team

Our vision

We want to end the worldwide deforestation and destruction of tropical rainforests.

Unsere Vision

The Kyoto Protocol regulates that starting 2020, the use of tropical exotic woods is only permitted with a license - but this is only a ‘memorized’ letter of intent.

We cannot wait. We have to act now.

Not with the hope of a possible change of the law, but with the creation of an alternative that makes this exploitation unattractive and superfluous. 

The global demand for wood is high and continues to grow daily.

And that's your chance!

Through your early involvement in this global project - even with small sums of money - you secure a ‘flourishing’ future.


With a clear conscience – earn well!

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