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GPS system

As a developer of the GPS chip system, Majestic-Trees is able to perfectly monitor every single tree from the day of planting.

All our trees are individually chipped and registered with GPS localization in our database.
GPS System

For a smooth organization, Majestic-Trees has developed a unique chip system that individualizes trees with control numbers.

After planting, each tree with this control number is photographed, mapped and automatically provided with its date of planting and GPS data.

The data is uploaded to a server database and only then is a tree released for sale.

When purchasing a tree, the customer data is linked with the existing tree data in an individual Tree Knowing Number (TKN). The TKN rejects the customer as the legitimate owner of the tree.


Thanks to the GPS data, every owner is able to locate his trees at any time via Google Earth or other internet maps.


-Weather resistant aluminum plaques


To make all plaques weatherproof, Majestic-Trees has developed a unique process that also involves local farms.


Handmade, - and numbered ALUMINUM PLAQUETS, attached

On a copper wire you can map the seedling from its planting to its impact. 

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