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Global warming

Bring air with Majestic Trees

Globale Erderwärmung

Against the background of global change, it is essential not only to preserve and maintain existing forests, but also to reforest them massively.

Already half of the world's forests have been destroyed by abuse, greed and ignorance.

Majestic-Trees works tirelessly to counter this by planting pure ‘oxygen’.

Trees give us the opportunity to breathe freely and without poisons.

Problem of CO² emissions

In the context of global warming, the main issue is the problem of CO² emissions.

Although it is important and correct to curb the excess CO² emissions due to air pollution, the biggest problem is not CO² but deforestation.

The fewer trees there are on this planet, the less CO² is absorbed, and the less that can offset the increasing warming, which is mainly due to natural causes.

The focus of political agendas and environmental organizations should therefore be primarily on reforestation projects.

Planting trees is the simplest, most effective, and most cost-effective way for us all to do something about global warming.

You can make your personal contribution by planting and cultivating trees on the farms of Majestic Trees.

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