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Forest management and impact

Forst und Einschlag

Forest management - professional and environmentally friendly


An economically viable utilization of mahogany trees by felling the trees and selling the obtained wood is possible after reaching the so-called maturity. This reaches an American mahogany tree (Swietenia Macrophylla) with its first flowering between the 12th and 15th year after its planting.

Trees become hundreds, some even over a thousand years old and more precious every minute.

The timeline shows the evolution of mahogany trees over the first few years. When planted, the mahogany seedlings have on average a circumference of 4 cm and a height of about 30 cm. With time and continuous care, the trees reach a circumference of 1.00 m and a height of 10.00 m after about eight years.

Up to the first impact opportunity at the age of 12, the trees reach a height of 15 - 20 m and a circumference of up to 1.30 m.Since a trunk has a circular base area, the calculation of the biomass (A) is based on the following formula with the circumference (u) and the height (h):

Exponential physical asset formation

Formula for Billing Biomass

A = (U²/(4*π))*h

CERTIFIED TOUCH TREES issued by the Government can only be harvested under the supervision of a forest engineer of the Ministry of the Environment of the Dominican Republic, taking into account all necessary conditions.

  • health of the tree

  • Age, biomass volume and wood quality

       location and location

  • Implementation of the impact, by a nationally recognized company

  • Supervised transport, including transport permit

MAJESTIC-TREES plants 10 new trees for each felled tree.

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