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1. Farm Sosúa / Los Castillo

1. Farm

Nature Park with Ocean View       

The farm, with a total area of ​​219,741 m² (2,368,080 sq. Ft.), Is very close to the Puerto Plata International Airport - only 4 km as the crow flies, with a journey time of 15 minutes. The distance to the beach is 3 km.

A well developed gravel road makes it easy to pass the 3 km distance from the coastal road Puerto Plata - Sosúa and to get to the entrance of the farm.


With its unique dense location and solid connection, the farm is particularly well suited for ecotourism, in connection with the reforestation of precious woods. A servants' house at the entrance of the farm and a pushed platform for the construction of one or more houses with sea views have already been created. The fertile soil provides all the necessary conditions for agricultural cultivation and self-sufficiency.

The land already contains 2,000 planted and farmed mahogany trees, the variety Swietenia Macrophylla, numerous fruit trees (orange, bitter orange, avocado, mango, cocoa, etc.) and cana palms (the leaves are used as roofing, similar to the thatched roof in Germany). 


A river that runs through the whole territory, creates the necessary water supply.

As a highlight the spectacular 180 ° view of the sea, the one obtained from a plurality of viewpoints is considered.

The distance to the nearest international airport is 4.0 km (2.48 miles)

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