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1. Farm Sosúa / Los Castillo

  • Edelholzfarm with 180 ° sea view, near the airport                               

The farm has a total area of ​​219,741 m² (2,368,080 sqft)

very close to the international airport

Puerto Plata - only 4 km as the crow flies, with a journey time

from ...

2. Farm Montellano

  • Crystal clear waterfalls, fantastic sea view, fertile ground near the airport


In the heart of the province Puerto Plata one finds

with 1.364.000,00m² (14.682,096 sqft) a finca of a very special kind.

It is surrounded by small hills and rivers.

Therefore ...

3. Farm Cabrera - Nagua

  • Large-scale farm on the Rio Boba


The farm lies with its 3,150,000 m² (33,842,016 sqft)

between Cabrera and Nagua, right on the biggest

River of the province. The country is emerging

especially through lush meadows and ...

4. Farm Rio San Juan

  •  Nature Park with Ocean View         


The total area of ​​13,800,000 m² (148,930.704 sq. Ft.)

is laid out like a huge nature reserve.

A lot of value is placed on the natural vein.

Therefore, it is suitable ...

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