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2. Farm Montellano

2. Farm
  • Crystal clear waterfalls, fantastic sea view, fertile ground near the airport


In the heart of the province of Puerto Plata, with 1.364.000,00m² (14.682,096 sqft), you will find a finca of a very special kind.

It is surrounded by small hills and rivers. Therefore, it is ideal for growing agricultural products, reforestation and livestock. The fertile soil offers the decisive basis.

In addition to a simple Dominican house, which is currently used as a servants house, the Finka also has a simple cattle shed.

It can be reached by car from the main road within six kilometers and is only eight kilometers from Puerto Plata International Airport. 


In ten kilometers you reach the capital of the north coast of Puerto Plata with its miles of sandy beach and inviting cafes and restaurants on the Malecon.

In several places of the entire territory there is a beautiful sea view on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

The absolute highlight in this area is the crystal-clear waterfalls that make the river unique. The resulting natural water pools invite you to swim and refresh.

Taking all these aspects into account, the Finka would be the optimal solution for an ecological tourism project and is perfect for the reforestation of precious woods.

Distance to the nearest international airport is 8.0 km (4.97 miles)

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