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3. Farm Cabrera - Nagua

3. Farm
  • Large-scale farm on the Rio Boba


The farm, with 3,150,000 m² (33,842,016 sq. Ft.), Is located between Cabrera and Nagua, directly on the largest river in the province.

The country is characterized by lush meadows and fertile soils. The River Rio Boba gives pastureland a special charm. 


The farm can be reached via a well-developed private road, and is equipped with direct access. The combination of lush green pasture and naturally grown jungle makes this property a feast for the eyes.

There are several ways directly from the main road up to Finka. Most of the car routes run around the entire territory and are easy to navigate.

The country is currently used as a cattle farm. In addition to numerous fruit trees and other additions, it also offers 20,000 mahogany trees.

Majestic Trees qualify the farmland for use as a mahogany growing area.

Distance to the nearest international airport is 40.0 km (24.85 miles)

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