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Ministry of the Environment and Forest Inspectorate of Dominican Republic


Majestic-Trees receives extensive support from the Ministry of the Environment.

In particular through the national large-scale project "Quisqueya Verde" (a state reforestation program of the Dominican Republic, which was awarded the Kyoto Protocol in 1987 for efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.)

To date, the Dominican Republic has a reforestation rate of 8% p.a. at the top of all Caribbean states

Tree Removal Certificate


To be able to issue a certified and certified certificate for the approval of all trees by the Government and the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic, the following standards must be met:

  • All trees must have been planted in an ecologically healthy environment that meets farm and soil analysis requirements.

  • All trees must be checked, located and registered by a forest engineer from the Ministry of the Environment of the Dominican Republic.

  • Each tree must continue to be inspected for quality and optimal health every 6 months.

  • There must be a verifiable and complete control of forestry over the entire development time of the trees.

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