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International trading platform

Tree Trading World Brochure

Tree Trading World is an international trading platform for hard-planted, living trees.

The subject of the trade are not specifically areas of land, but individually marked individuals registered with GPS data.

This allows every investor to buy and trade trees with small sums of money.

On the trading platform, tree owners registered by Tree Trading World have the opportunity to log in and view the entire portfolio.

If a tree owner wants to make a profit, no trees need to be felled and nature can be protected from unnecessary deforestation.

Legal - Management / Quality Control

Majestic Trees Investments S.R.L. is responsible for the structured management of the land and farms.


  • She is responsible for controlling the farms on which the trees are        planted.


  • It monitors the GPS data assignment of the trees.


  • The certifications of the knocking licenses are made in co-operation with      the Ministry of the Environment and the Dominican Government.

The owner of the property title is Majestic-Trees Investments S.R.L. the responsibility for the legal security of the land.

In the event that the farms of other landowners are integrated, they are responsible for the legal review and securing the land title.

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