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Climate Change

Climate change is unlikely to stop.
Therefore, we must do our utmost to slow down the pace of this development.
This can only work through small but effective steps.

Our contribution:

Majestic Trees is growing on ...

Together with our partners, we have made the binding agreement for every impact of a legally certified mahogany tree


                                                        Plant 10 new trees.

Tropical Atlantic Rainforest on the Ilha do Cardoso in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. (Photo: dpa)
Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 21, 2015, 15:13, Club of Rome

‘We are about to eat the rainforest’

In the 34th Report of the Club of Rome, the organization warns against the loss of tropical rainforests.

In south-east Asia, deforestation has accelerated, with virgin forests the size of India already disappearing.

In Brazil, the situation is currently getting worse. Primary forests the size of India have already disappeared. The loss of tropical rainforests is not just habitat for animals and plants, it is also fueling climate change.

The 34th Report of the Club of Rome, which was presented on Thursday in Berlin, warns against again endangering first successes in the protection of rainforests. ‘The confluence of agribusiness, climate change and the fragmentation of land through roads is a deadly poison cocktail,’ says WWF International's longtime Director General, Claude Martin, in his report on the status quo of tropical forests.

Here are some observations on the current situation:


  • In Southeast Asia, deforestation has accelerated. Palm oil plantations and the cultivation of soy have destroyed huge forest areas. - Quote Claude Martin: ‘We are about to eat the rainforest’

  • Illegal logging has already led to the disappearance of primary forests (primeval forests) of more than India's size.

  • In Brazil, the government is under pressure from the agricultural, energy and mining industries. A constitutional reform threatens to dissolve existing protected areas. New mining areas are planned. - Quote Graeme Maxton: ‘Politicians are literally playing with fire’

 Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung, v. 21. 05. 2015 Club of Rome

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