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With Majestic-Trees

on the road to win ...

Entscheidung treffen

Your benefits at a glance

Short minimum terms - flexible portfolio design

• Tax-free profit after one year, according to current legislation.

• Buy and Sell at short notice through our partner, the Tree Trading World           trading platform

• Protecting your tree population with additional insurance

• Replanting guarantee regardless of insurance cover.

The demand for precious wood is growing at the same rate as the world population.

The growth value of mahogany is constantly increasing - and is also increasing internationally selling prices

Go on the road to success with Majestic Trees and take advantage of all the advantages of being a tree owner.

Majestic-Trees offers you the best opportunities to act forward-looking

We deal intensively with the wishes of our tree owners.


• Financial security
• Social secured family planning
• Refinancing of the home
• Ecological investment
• Future-oriented wealth creation
• Independence

Make your decision now

Majestic-Trees will change your life positively ...

... save the planet, plant trees!

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