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Founding members and shareholders


Marcel Bahr is a trained stock broker, horse breeder and president of MAJESTIC-TREES.

As a longtime landowner (1994), he is primarily dedicated to the agricultural ecology, development and care of his own and the managed mahogany farms in the Dominican Republic.


In 2011, together with his wife, he founded the company MAJESTIC-TREES.

His recipe for success, on existing farms to develop ecologically sound and financially viable mixed forests, focused on the rearing of mahogany trees in rainforest-like environment, has also induced other landowners to transfer

responsibility for their properties.

Marcel Bahr


Majestic Trees' philosophy of ‘save the planet, plant trees’ stands for a continuous reforestation program that creates new resources for the precious wood market through permanent expansion of forest stands, thus eliminating the illegal impact in the long term.

As part of the development of Majestic Trees  Marcel Bahr developed the following innovations:

  • Customer-oriented, secured by international insurance companies participation in profits through biological growth of various tree species, regardless of the amount of capital employed.

  • Development and expansion of the GPS chip system, which offers maximum transparency and verifiability.

  • Constant, second-hand verifiability of the existing tree portfolio by the affiliated partner Tree Trading World.

  • Continuous tradability of existing trees, as well as a fully flexible portfolio design from a tree age of 3 years.

Forestry Engineers, Agroecologists, Ministry of the Environment of the Dominican Republic

Majestic-Trees works closely with forest engineers and agro-ecologists from the Ministry of the Environment of the Dominican Republic.

The focus of this partnership is the national large-scale project ‘Quisqueya Verde’.

Team members on site

Our professionally trained specialist staff takes care of the species-appropriate planting and care of our mahogany trees.

Muscle power instead of chemistry!


Fields of activity

• Nursery

• Creation of organic potting soil and organic fertilizer

• Soil preparation

• Elimination of scrap wood

• New planting / replanting

• Clearing the surrounding tree area

• Permanent control and care

• Cutting back young trees

• Planting of organic cocoa

Team Gallery

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